Salt For Dishwashers


Premium purity, iodine-free
It is essential to use dishwasher salt to keep the dishwasher working properly.


Pro Eco CleaningProtects your dishwasher against limescale
Pro Eco CleaningImproves dishwasher’s efficiency
Pro Eco CleaningPrevent spots & watermarks on your dishes and glasses


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Description: Special natural dishwashers salt, free of iodine, for water softening and protection against limescale. It works effectively to protect your dishwasher, improve its efficiency and prevent spots and watermarks on your dishes and glasses. Never use other types of salts including table salt, animal feeding salt, sea salt, and culinary salt. These types of salt can damage your dishwasher beyond repair. It is essential to use dishwasher salt to keep the dishwasher working properly, unless your house has softened water already.
Health benefits: No phosphates, no toxic substances.
Environmental benefits: Easily biodegradable, minimum impact on aquatic life, recyclable packaging materials, no animal testing. Safe for use in houses with septic and other types of onsite sewerage system.
Instructions: Open the dishwasher door, pull out the lower basket, open the salt container cap and pour in salt. Then place the cap back and close it. Alternatively, use according to the dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions.
Ingredients: Sodium chloride.
Available packages: 3 lb (1.4 kg)



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